NEW online Career Strategy course

We've just launched our new series of mini-lectures on developing an effective Career Strategy to last you a lifetime. If don't know your career calling or you're unsure what jobs/roles are suited to your interests and priorities, this course is for you to find out.

Having a successful career will have a huge impact on your general happiness in life because most of your adult life will be spent working. This course uses a step-by-step approach to teach you how to craft the perfect career strategy.

This course is ideal for anyone new to the workforce, fresh graduates, and even career switchers who want to explore options that complement your lifestyle.

The five steps in Career Strategy: The road map to landing your dream career are:

  1. What you enjoy

  2. Where you excel

  3. What your values are

  4. Synthesis

  5. Refinement

Access the course here:


#careerstrategy #Careerplanning

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