NEW Online Networking course

5stepCareers has launched a new online Networking course hosted on Udemy! If you're new to the recruitment and networking scene, this course will bring you up to speed in no time — in fact, in exactly 34 mins. Using an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach, career expert Brian O'Dwyer will guide you through the basics of networking, what it is, and why it is crucial to your career success in any field.

This course is ideal for anyone who is tired of sending out resumes to the job-portal black hole and who would like to upgrade themselves for a job switch in the future.

The five steps in Networking: The secret to getting job interviews are:

  1. Using LinkedIn

  2. Developing a target list

  3. The approach e-mail

  4. Informational interview

  5. The follow-up

Access the course here:

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