Online Course

What is it?

The 5stepCareers online course is the career skills review program designed by using the patent pending methodology from Duke-NUS to help individuals land their dream job. The program is segmented into 5 modules focusing on each of the 5 steps of career development namely Career Strategy, Pitching, Resume, Networking and Interviewing. The format of the course is -

➤Each step divided into 5 modules 

➤Online quiz after each set of modules 

➤Free consultation with Brian O'Dwyer-ex Consultant and Investment Banker with the experience of making hiring decisions

The 5stepCareers online course is priced at USD 140.

Individual steps are priced at USD 40 each.

Our courses are discounted for a limited time period. Use the coupon code "EXCLUSIVEMEMBER" to use the discount.

Who is it for?

For those looking to improve their career skills and differentiate themselves from the competition.

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